App Subscription and Features



No subscription required

  • Monitor up to 2 WiFi sensors
  • Custom reading / update interval: min. 60 mins



/ year

Includes Standard features +

  • Monitor 3 or more WiFi sensors
  • Set push notifications for alerts: low level | high level | abnormal usage
  • Track daily tank usage
  • 12 Month Free Trial - Available via APP Stores



/ year, per sensor

Includes Premium features +

  • SIM card and data included
  • Custom reading interval: min. 15 mins
  • Custom update interval: min. 6 hours
  • Initial 12 Month Subscription Included With Purchase

apps for

iOS, Android and web

Monitor your tank level and usage with the free Tankmate mobile app.

Standard and Premium subscription options available.

iOS & android
Standard Features

Your essential tank data is available through the mobile app - without any subscription fees.

See your current tank level, average usage and estimated supply duration, in addition to the status of your sensor.

Set the frequency of how often the sensor will read and publish level readings to the cloud (2 - 24 times per day). Data from your sensor is stored on our secure cloud server, allowing you to see your tank status from anywhere.

ios & android
Premium Features

All Premium features are included for 12 months with the purchase of your first TankMate sensor.

Track your daily usage, and understand trends in your consumption. Set push notification alerts for abnormal usage (measured every 60 mins), as well as low / high level limits.

Monitor 3 or more sensors under a single login, and group your sensor data to monitor multiple tank locations or locations.

After the first 12 months, a Premium subscription costs just $28.99 / year for the Wifi model and $79 / year for the LTE model.