Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes - if the tanks are connected near the base, to allow them to keep a common level. The app has a tank quantity setting to allow for this.

Tanks that do not balance will need individual sensors. Multiple sensors can be added to one account, so the individual levels and total volume can be monitored.

Installation involves connecting the sensor to your WiFi network, and drilling a hole in your tank for the sensor probe.

See the installation video here.

No. All v2 units use a pressure sensor which sits on the floor of the tank. The sensor is already calibrated before being shipped out.

Yes. We have resellers who can provide that service, but only for some areas in NZ at present. See our Installation Services page for more info.

Yes. The cable length is 4.5m. In most cases the sender unit can be located 1-1.5m away from the tank entry point. The "side" cable position option is best for this.

We can also provide a custom cable extension. The sender unit can be located up to 10m away from the tank in most cases, using an extension cable and underground conduit. See here for details.


TankMate is compatible with most 2.4Ghz WiFi networks (802.11b/g/n).

Note: 5Ghz networks are not supported, but your router will most likely be capable of transmitting in 2.4GHz and 5GHz simultaneously.

The most reliable way to check this is with your phone. If you can see a WiFi strength of 1-2 bars at the tank, the unit will be able to connect.

Two readings per day is the default. This is customizable in the app - up to 24 readings per day.

You could consider two options:

1) Add a WiFi repeater or outdoor access point to increase your coverage - like this.

2) Use a cellular connected unit - such as the TankMate v2 4G sensor.

TankMate Apps

You do not need a subscription to use your TankMate WiFi product.

The TankMate web app is completely free to use.

The mobile app for iOS and Android has both premium (paid) and free content. The premium features include phone notifications and detailed usage statistics. New users can trial the premium features on mobile - free for 12 months.

The premium app subscription costs NZD23 +gst per year and is charged through the app stores.

TankMate 4G products have ongoing subscription costs for the SIM / data. See here.

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Very little. The battery life of our v2 WiFi units is approximately 2-3 years (with Energizer Ultimate Lithium).

It is recommended to clean the sensor probe annually, by rinsing out any silt that has built up from the tank floor. (Touching the sensor diaphragm inside the end cap should be avoided.)

For TankMate v2 WiFi sensors:

- 3 x AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium - recommended (2-3 year battery life with 2 readings per day)

- 3 x AA alkaline (12 months)

- Li-SoCL2 battery (2-3 years): ER26500 + HCL1520 originally supplied