Typical Tank Dimensions

Typical tank dimensions - for setting up your sensor in the TankMate app.

Note that the outlet (draw height) for concrete tanks is not a set height, and can vary depending on how the plumbing has been set up. It is recommended to set this value to at least 100-200mm.

Aqua Tanks

Volume: 25,000L | Diameter: 3.545m | Overflow: 2.5m

Volume: 30,000L | Diameter: 3.750m | Overflow: 2.7m


Volume: 25,000L | Diameter: 3.5m | Overflow: 2.5m

Volume: 30,000L | Diameter: 3.7m | Overflow: 2.7m

Duracrete Standard

Volume: 25,000L | Diameter: 3.6m | Overflow: 2.4m

KP Concrete

Volume: 22,500L | Diameter: 3.62m | Overflow: 2.15m